Just download the plugin on Spigot, and put the JAR file into your /plugins folder. The plugin will do everything for you, and you can change everything in the files. If you want to use all the functions of ThemeParkPlus Basic, you have to do some more things.


For ThemeParkPlus you need WorldEdit and WorldGuard for the waiting row system, and Vault for the FastPass system. Just put all the plugins in you /plugins folder and restart the server.


This plugin is only required if you want to use ThemeParkPanel(Plus). It will connect your Minecraft server with our panel.

Just put this plugin in your /plugins folder. For usage with the panel, you have to connect ThemePark to the database that you're going to use for the panel. Please see step 2 of the ThemeParkPanel installation.

If you're going to install the ThemeParkPanelPlus, you have to change some things in the settings.yml of the ThemeParkConnector. Change it to something like this:

enabled: true
url: "wss://"
panel: "https://panel.domain/panel/panel/"

You don't have to touch the url. At the panel, you have to change it to the panel URL. If your panel is located at, then you have to enter there. Also, you have to make up an ID, that is unique for your server, like your server name. Put it at the id.