How can I create an attraction?

That's very simple. You have to use the attraction.yml file for this:

  1. Go to the ThemePark folder in the plugins folder, and select the attraction.yml file

  2. Under attraction: you have to create a new attraction. Copy it from a attraction you've already made or from here. Pay attention that you get something like this (with other names):

name: "&aTest"
region_id: "fantasy"
type: RIDE
status: CLOSED
location: "world:418:65:30"
name: "&aTest 2"
region_id: "fantasy"
type: RIDE
status: CLOSED
location: "world:418:65:30"

In this case, test is the ID of the attraction. name contians the name of the ride, region_id is the ID of the region. It has to be a region that exists! type is RIDE. If you want to create a show, you have to put SHOW there. The status is CLOSED, but you can change it in-game. The location can also be changed in-game.


How can I setup the Discord Status system?

  1. Go to the config.yml file of ThemeParkPlus

  2. Set DiscordUpdates.Enabled on true

  3. Create a webhook URL of Discord. See the GIF below.

  4. Copy the URL of the webhook, and paste it into DiscordUpdates.WebhookURL

  5. Now you can change the other settings if you want.

  6. Done! Restart your server, and it will work. ;)

(You can also change the name and logo here).

How can I give someone admin permissions in the panel?

  1. Log in to your database with PHPMyAdmin. Then go to the users table.

  2. Here you have to find the user you want to give the admin right, and then change the value of userAdmin from 0 to 1.

It doesn't send a verification email. How to fix this?

It is possible that you have filled in the wrong credentials of your MAIL settings. Please contact your hosting for the right credentials.

If your credentials are correct, you have to start debugging. You can do that by adding this row at the Email.php file (after isSMTP()):

$mail->SMTPDebug = 2;

Now try to create an account. Then it will probably give you an error. Here are 2 common errors:

550 Bad HELO - Host impersonating domain name.

Add this to your code, after the SMTPDebug (Change example.com to your domain name):

$mail->Hostname = 'www.example.com';

SMTP connect() failed

Some credentials are incorrect. If you enable debugging, it will tell you what is incorrect. Change these credentials in the config.php file. If you get error 10060, your port is probably incorrect. If you have HTTPS enabled, you can use SSL/TLS (depends on which host you are using). If you don't have HTTPS, you have to use no protection. Change it to none and change the port to the correct one.