The Setup

The setup of ThemePark is easy, if you follow this guide!

Installation of the plugins:

Just download the plugin of Spigot, and install it into your /plugins folder. The plugin will do everything for you, and you can change everything in the files.If you want to use all the functions of ThemeParkPlus Basic, you have to do some more things.

With the old plugin it was possible to add attractions via commands. From now on this has to be done via the attraction.yml file.

For the Plus plugin you need the Free version, and Vault for the FastPass system. Just put all the plugins in you /plugins folder and restart the server.

If you're going to install the ThemeParkPanel, you also need the ThemeParkConnector. This plugin connects the panel with the Spigot server, so that the panel can work. Just put this plugin in your /plugins folder as well. For usage with the panel, you have to connect the Free version, and the Connector to the database that you're going to use for the panel. Please see step 2 of the ThemeParkPanel installation.

If you're going to install the ThemeParkPanelPlus, you have to change some things in the settings.yml of the ThemeParkConnector. Change it to something like this:

enabled: true
url: "wss://"
panel: "https://panel.domain/panel/panel/"

You don't have to touch the url. At the panel, you have to change it to the panel URL. If your panel is located at, then you have to enter there. Also, you have to make up an ID, that is unique for your server, like your server name. Put it at the id.

Installation of the panels:


You need a webhosting for the panels to work!

1. Setting up the database:

Go to the homepage of DirectAdmin and go to MYSQL Management. Click on Create new Database and fill in the data. Also, save this data somewhere, because you need it later.

After you've created it, you have to click on your database, and at Access Hosts, you have to put in a % and click on Add Host, so that the Minecraft server can find the database and can connect to it. This is VERY important!

Now you have to upload the SQL-file, so that the plugin can upload his attractions. Open your database with PHPMyAdmin, and go to Import in the menu, and then choose the SQL-file at "File to import:". Then click on the Start button. Now it's uploaded. Now go to step 2.

2. Installing the panel to your webserver:

You need to install Filezilla or WinSCP to send the files to your webhosting. You need to install the Client. At Filezilla, click on the icon on the left (Site Manager), and click on New Site. Then fill in your credentials of the FTP server and click on Connect.

In your FTP, select your domain and put the files of the ZIP into your FTP.

Then you have to change the settings in the config file. Go to the directory core/config.php. Here you have to change the DB and MAIL settings, and the BASE_URL of the panel. Change it to something like this:

define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');
define('DB_PORT', 3306);
define('DB_NAME', 'database');
define('DB_USER', 'username');
define('DB_PASS', 'password');
define('MAIL_HOST', '');
define('MAIL_USER', 'username');
define('MAIL_PASS', 'password');
define('MAIL_EMAIL', 'email');
define('MAIL_PORT', 587);
define('BASE_URL', '');

For the MAIL settings you have to create a mail account, and then lookup the SMTP server from your hosting. Ask your hosting for support if you are unable to do this.

Pay attention! Some hostings are using SSL or no encryption for the SMTP server. You have to change a file for this. Please read the article in the FAQ for that.

3. Rewriting users to your panel (public folder):

Because of safety reasons, all the files who are needed for users aren't included in the main map, but in the /public folder. You have to redirect the users to this folder, by using the .htaccess file. It's included in the ZIP, but you HAVE TO change it.

In this example, I'm assuming that you are using something like If the panel folder has another name, you have to change the file (/panel on row 3 and 4).

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/panel/public/
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /panel/public/$1 [L]


1. Installing the panel:

The installation of the Plus panel is very simple! Just add the panel folder (and it's files) that is included in the ZIP into your ThemeParkPanel, in the /public folder. (So you have /panel/public/panel, assuming you are using

2. Setting up the panel:

Open your index.php file. Go to the bottom of the file, and change the CHANGEME to the ID that you made up in the settings.yml file of the Connector plugin.

window.settings = {
uuid: "<?php echo User::getUUID(); ?>",
attraction: "<?php echo $_GET['attraction']; ?>",
pin: "<?php echo $_GET['pin']; ?>"